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In the northeasternmost corner of  Rhode Island, Cumberland is a sprawling New England town with a rich history.  It offers rural charm, a suburban lifestyle and tightly knit communities within its borders.  Historic brick mills, wooden deck bridges and antique farm houses mingle with newer homes near the flowing streams and behind original stone walls. Homes for sale in Cumberland, RI are varied styles including Colonials and contemporaries,  some older and some new construction.  

It is just north of downtown Providence, Rhode Island making the town a commuter locale.  The historic Blackstone River flows down the western border, where mills and factories once thrived. Villages were established for the workers providing housing, schools, churches and stores.  The areas of the town are still known by those village names - Valley Falls, Ashton, Cumberland Hill, Diamond Hill, Berkeley, Arnold Mills, Abbot Run, Cumberland Mills, Grants Mills and Lonsdale. 

Diamond Hill State Park is a treasure that offers beautiful views of thick, woodland landscape and the Diamond Hill Reservoir.  With a surface area of 390 acres, the reservoir provides drinking water supply for nearby towns.  Down the road from the park is the Diamond Hill Vineyard and Orchard, a picturesque spot for events. Explore the links below to learn more about Cumberland, RI Real Estate.

Cumberland Information

Cumberland was once the mining capital of New England because of its extensive mineral deposits of iron ore which was used to make cannons. Today, the country atmosphere and convenient location make this town a popular place to live.

Impressions / Character

Located in the northeastern corner of Rhode Island about eight miles from Providence, Cumberland has a plethora of large lovely brick buildings, which reflect a luminescent flutter of light bouncing of the Blackstone River on its western boundary. The Diamond Hill Reservoir known as the Pawtucket Upper Reservoir Dam, used for drinking water purposes, has a surface area of 390 acres. The gorgeous sunsets and views of the reservoir are breathtaking in all seasons. Large new homes are in many neighborhoods, but the suburban/rural fabric of the town is maintained. Diamond Hill Park is perfect for revitalizing country day sledding in the winter, or hiking and picnicking in the spring. Cumberland even has a vineyard which has been producing world class wines and gifts for decades. Its mill villages and rolling countryside laced with rustic farmhouses surrounded by original stonewalls and plentiful streams are an ideal scenery for any lifestyle.

Villages / Neighborhoods

Cumberland is made up of 10 villages: Abbott Run, Arnold Mills, Ashton, Berkeley, Cumberland Hill, Cumberland Mills, Diamond Hill, Grants Mills, Lonsdale (also in Lincoln) and Valley Falls.

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